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Editorial Advisory

Discover Fresh Perspectives on Mainstream Politics, Social Trends, Technology, and Cultural Issues. Uncover Vital News and Untold Stories with Our Assistance in Understanding Local Context and Identifying Hidden Gems, from People to Information and Locations.


Bring Top-Notch Guests to Your Stories, Columns, Live Shows, and More: Experts, Prominent Politicians, Local Influencers, Renowned Activists, Scientists, and Intellectuals. We Handle the Booking, Including Engaging 'Streeters' for Authentic Testimonials.


Covering Every Inch of France and Beyond: We Offer Expert Guidance in Paris, London, Berlin, Brussels, and French-Speaking Nations across Europe.


Gain Comprehensive Contextual Insights for Your Stories, Selecting Precise Direct Quotes. Our Fixers Offer Translation, Transcription Expertise, and Strong Summarization Abilities.

We handle the entire process of obtaining your shooting authorization permit in Paris and France


Experience Effortless Filming Authorization in Paris with Our Dedicated Support. Our Strong Connections with Parisian and French Authorities Ensure Smooth Permit Acquisition, Allowing You to Focus on Your Shoot.

a few testimonies from our clients


""I've worked several times with Elie, and I can say I feel really lucky to have found such a fixer. Elie is involved, honest, enthusiastic and curious. He works fast and well. And he has more than one string to his bow. He can do the investigation part and as well interview people, translate anything, organize an entire week of shooting and find good places to eat :) I would recommend him with my eyes closed.""

"Vice News"

""I hired Elie as a fixer in Paris in November 2015, for coverage of the terror attacks there. He found him very smart, quick and receptive to my story needs and ideas. I wholeheartedly recommend him. He worked for me and various other reporters at my news organization, National Public Radio (NPR). He understood and anticipated our demands in breaking news, but also brought insight and local knowledge -- greatly enhancing my stories. ""



""He’s smart, quick ,decisive, great manner with people, great translator, very tenacious … a total gem. In my over 30 years with NBC news he is one of the best I’ve come across""


""J'ai effectivement fait appel aux services d'Elie pour faire la traduction lors d'une interview de Paul Watson. Elie a fait un travail impeccable. Je vous le recommande vivement.""

"Sud Ouest"


"" I really can't recommend Élie highly enough. He is the best fixer we have worked with, hands down. Extremely hard working, very flexible, and, most of all, brilliant. There's also the fact that he's a very nice guy. We feel so lucky to have met him here at the Washington Post in Paris, and so many of our pieces have been entirely thanks to Élie. ""

"Washington Post "

""Still it is with a great pleasure that I confirm to have worked with Elie, who is one of the most professional fixer I've ever worked with. I really have a very positive experience with him, He's always positive and above all very propositive in comparing what you need at the moment. Very well equipped with contacts, finding people very quickly, and very helpfull also for a logistic support, as I'm working for a 24hours channel (Rainews24) doing uplink with a Live u and just with a cameramen, who is generally also the editor. He's a very smart guy""

"RAI News 24"


Meet Our team


Elie Petit



Zacharie Petit

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What services does FixersInParis offer for production support?

FixersInParis provides a wide range of production support services, including location scouting, permit acquisition, crew coordination, and translation services. We are your go-to solution for all your production needs in Paris and France.

How can FixersInParis assist with obtaining filming permits in Paris?

We have strong connections with local authorities and agencies, allowing us to expedite the process of acquiring filming permits in Paris. We handle all the paperwork, making it a seamless experience for your production.

What types of projects does FixersInParis support?

We support a variety of projects, including film and TV productions, documentaries, corporate videos, news reporting, and more. Our experienced team can tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your project.

Do you offer language services for international productions in Paris?

Yes, we provide translation and interpretation services to ensure effective communication and understanding during your production. Our team is proficient in multiple languages, making it easier to work with local partners and talent.

Can FixersInParis assist with last-minute requests or urgent productions?

Absolutely! We understand that the world of production can be unpredictable, and we're equipped to handle last-minute requests and urgent projects. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your production runs smoothly, no matter the timeline.

What sets FixersInParis apart from other production support services?

At FixersInParis, we pride ourselves on our extensive local knowledge, strong relationships with authorities, and a dedicated team that goes the extra mile to make your production a success. We offer a personalized and seamless experience, making us the preferred choice for both local and international clients in Paris and throughout France.